Art Affairs is a Collaborative Web Design Company in India where
Creativity is encouraged and Effectiveness is our Goal.

We Craft Innovative and Affordable Solutions that meet your Website and Branding Design needs. Developing your Branding
Strategy and helping you establish your brand across all digital platforms, paving the road to create successful
Campaigns that fit right into your Marketing Plan.

With every design we tell a story; your story. Everything you can imagine is real. Just tap the opportunity!

Branding Design to Connect

We craft simple, memorable and likable brands. The key to our success in
branding design is understanding your audience, their needs, and creating
connections to build lasting relationships.
• Logo & Typeface
• Brand Style guide
• Business Cards, letterheads and other Stationeries
• Digital Catalogs or Corporate Profiles
• Social Media Profile Design

User Friendly Custom
Web Design

Keeping in consideration the commercial, technological and human needs of your target, we design websites by anticipating how your costumers will interact every product and application.
• Custom Website Design
• CMS Website Design
• Website Layout Analysis & Adaptation
• Digital Campaign Landing Page Design
• E-commerce Databases Design
• Complete Graphic Packs

Your Business Must
be everywhere

Your clients expect your brand to accompany them wherever
they go, offering them the same experience across any and
all available platforms.
• Mobile User Interface Design
• Mobile Digital Campaign Landing Page Design
• E-commerce Mobile Design
• Complete Graphic Packs

An Illustrated Campaign
to Impact

The key to a successful advertising campaign is in the storytelling. Fun and
expressive illustrated graphic art that conveys your message differently
can give you that edge to makes your product or service stand
out from the crowd.
• Storyboard Illustrations for Movies,
  Engagement Ads and Videos
• Character Development for Websites
  and Brands

A Digital Marketing
Mix for Start-Ups

Strong marketing strategies are the key to survival on the
Internet. It takes a lot of planning and effort to craft a
successful marketing plan. Our job is to make things a little
easier for you, making sure you have all the tools available
before you start your journey.
• Visual Graphic Pack for Social Media
• Social Media Profile Optimization
• Facebook and LinkedIn Tab Design
• Professional SEO Services

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